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When I was searching for the best upright vacuum cleaner, I came across the Dirt Devil Dynamite Plus Bagless Upright Vacuum.

I wanted a vacuum that would fit my very active and busy lifestyle while also producing a level of cleanliness that was hard to miss.

This Dirt Devil did both of these things and had so many more functions that I never expected from such a small machine.

In this edition of my Dirt Devil vacuum reviews, I’ll put the focus one of the reasonably priced upright vacuum alternative in the market.

A Dirt Devil Vacuum Review Reveals a Powerful Bagless Vacuum

Agile & Versatile

As I began using the Dirt Devil around my home, I quickly realized that I could use it for much more than just my carpets.

This cleaner can move seamlessly from one room to the next because it can be used on both hard and soft floors.

Therefore, I have been able to use it on the hardwood floors in my entryway as well as on the ceramic tile floors in my kitchen. Well, given the price tag, don’t expect it to outperform the best vacuum for hardwood floors though.

I can also vacuum my steps, my furniture and my car with the tool attachments that are onboard.

It includes an extension rod that, when attached to the stretch hose, can extend to 60 inches as well as a crevice tool and a brush.

However, the stretch hose does not seem to be exceptionally sturdy. Because this unit is so lightweight, weighing in at less than nine pounds, I have even been able to take it with me in the car to clean my lake cabin.

Windows cleaning made easy with Dirt Devil Dynamite II Upright Vacuum cleanerReusable HEPA filter in Dirt Devil UD20010

Work Great on Carpet

Of course, it did work wonderfully on my carpet as well as on my living room area rug. The height of the vacuum head can be adjusted for the height of the carpet pile.

For example, my family room has some shag carpeting, and the living room area rug is a low-pile Persian rug.

The Dirt Devil worked wonderfully in each place. In addition, there is a rotating brush in the vacuum head, which agitates the carpet to get dirt and dust that are deep within the fibers.

Easy storage with Dirt Devil Dynamite II Compact UD20010Cleaning demonstration of Dirt Devil Dynamite II Compact Bagless Vacuum UD20010

HEPA + Bagless

I knew that for me the best upright vacuum cleaner would have to be very clean and not stir up my seasonal allergies. Thankfully, this Dirt Devil came with a HEPA filter to trap even the smallest dust particles and small allergens, such as pollen.

In addition, I do not have to deal with changing out dirty vacuum bags because this bagless system allows me simply to dump the waste from the canister into a garbage bag. This also makes the Dirt Devil an economical choice for me because I will not have to purchase new bags every year.


Finally, this Dirt Devil vacuum review would not be complete without mentioning a few other major features of the Dirt Devil Dynamite.

The 25-foot cord allowed me to vacuum only moderately large spaces without having to change plug outlets.

The scuff guard that was placed around the vacuum sweeper head ensured that I did not mark up my woodwork and furniture as I vacuumed around them.

Additionally, the handle lowers to 31 inches, helping me to store it in a small closet and to transport it.

Does Dirt Devil Dynamite Live Up to Its Name?

I have wanted to show in this vacuum cleaner review that the Dirt Devil Dynamite Plus Bagless Upright Vacuum is a great choice for people who are searching for a low-profile vacuum that retains many of the same features that a larger upright or canister vacuum sweeper would have.

The fact that this sweeper can be taken seamlessly from carpeting to tile and from floors to upholstery have made it indispensable to my lifestyle.

I believe it would be the perfect choice for those who are searching for a smaller, budget-friendly vacuum, such as students, small business owners and homeowners.

Do you have any experience with Dirt Devil bagless upright vacuum cleaner? If you do, I’d definitely love to hear how your experience has been. Do share it with us in the comments below.

Image credit: Erin Kinney