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Home is our sanctuary. Having a home that is clean, tidy and hygienic is the dream of every home owners. To some, these are mandatory conditions that they cannot live without.

But in these days and age, we have so many priorities to take care of. We need to care for our kids. We need to care for our spouse. And we need to care for our career or job. Yet, the number of hours we have in a day remains as 24.

With so many brands and models available on the market, choosing and buying a vacuum cleaner can be a painful process to go through. Do you go for Dyson Vacuum Cleaner, Shark Vacuum Cleaner, Bissell Vacuum Cleaner, Hoover Vacuum Cleaner or Oreck Vacuum Cleaner? is a blog written to help make the process of selecting a vacuum cleaner that is right for your needs, well, a little easier.