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The days of pushing a heavy vacuum cleaner back and forth across your carpets are gone forever when you switch to one that uses contemporary technology.

Removing pet hair is a time consuming task but one that you can minimize with the right selection of vacuum cleaner. Despite the hefty price tag it fetches, Dyson DC65 Animal Complete Upright vacuum cleaner remains a highly popular model.

Since many who chose to buy doesn’t see price as a deterrent factor, what is it exactly that makes this one of the most positively rated vacuum model?

Ready for an in-depth review of Dyson DC65? Let’s start.

A Personal Dyson DC65 Reviews

A Display of Engineering Prowess

Approximately 164 million households in the United States included at least one pet. Mind you that this is a statistic based on household survey conducted back in 2012. Most owners are happy to put up with shedding in return for the pleasure of owning an animal.

When technology makes the task of vacuuming pet hair and dander easier and more efficient, it gives pet owners something to cheer about.

If you refer to Dyson DC65 reviews shared by DC65 owners, you will learn that this is one vacuum that has been designed to remove pet hair.

It offers superior suction. It works equally well both on dust and dirt. When you shop for the best vacuum for pet hair, these are important features to evaluate.

A dog’s coat is different from cat fur, and both are difficult to remove from carpeting. According to internal Dyson DC65 reviews done by the company, it was shown that this model produced more suction than other well known brands in scientific testing.

The likes of Hoover WindTunnel T-Series may be popular but mainly due to its lower price tag. When suction power alone is considered, there is probably no other rival that can bet the power of Dyson DC65.

But as the company acknowledged, suction by itself is not enough. Through research and the use of technology, Dyson engineers found ways to make the unit perform in a way that beats the competition.

The unit has a rotating brush bar that agitates against carpet pile to dislodge pet hair that tends to cling. Its turbine tool works effectively in small spaces such as carpeting on stair steps, upholstery or the interior of automobiles.

Sweeper head image of Dyson DC65 Upright Vacuum CleanerSide view of Dyson DC65 Animal Vacuum Cleaner

Product of Constant Innovation

As an industrial designer who was doing the household chore of vacuuming, James Dyson was dissatisfied with a machine that lost suction and frequently got clogged.

After building thousands of prototypes and spending 15 years in the process, he developed the technology that makes the DC65 so effective today.

By constantly looking for ways to improve products and make them work better, Dyson engineers develop and refine technologies like the self adjusting plate that maintains contact with different floor surfaces.

Moving from carpeting to bare or hard floors usually requires the use of a separate attachment for traditional vacuums.

Most upright vacuums that resemble the Dyson DC65 require a manual adjustment to make the transition, but this one maintains constant contact by automatically raising and lowering on its own.

The Dyson DC65 incorporates a redesigned brush bar, a modification that raises the base of the bristles so that they are shorter and stiffer. Producing 25 percent more power to drive bristles firmly into carpets, the redesign improves the performance of the machine.

The width of the cleaner head is now extended to reach the base of walls, skirting boards and toe plates under cabinets. As you conduct your vacuum cleaner review, convenience and ease of use are important points to consider.

A Class Above the Rest?

There are other vacuums that had garnered similar ratings to Dyson DC65 reviews and some of them do not cost as much.

But you may want to take note of the warranty term. Most of the cheaper alternatives do not come with warranty coverage as long as the DC65.

Models that compete with the Dyson DC65 do not cost as much, but their warranties usually do not last as long. This flagship model from Dyson animal vacuum line-up carries a five year warranty for parts and labor while others like Bissell ProHeat 2x offer only three.

The Radial Root Cyclone technology is patented, and it is capable of capturing more dirt and pet hair than other models that have incorporated cyclone power.

Is Dyson DC65 a Good Vacuum Investment?

As you go through more vacuum cleaner reviews, you’ll soon discover how reputation really counts when it comes to purchasing decision.

Go through any Dyson vacuum review. I’m sure you’ll agree that Dyson brand is one that deserves respect for its leadership and cutting-edge innovation in vacuum technology.

The superior design in Dyson vacuums makes the company a leader in the industry, a desirable quality when you want to find the best upright vacuum cleaner. This model is designed to help you remove pet hair, and it incorporates the finest technological advances.

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