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Hundreds if not thousands of vacuum cleaners are on the market, but machines aimed at cleaning hardwood floors are not nearly so plentiful even though they are also needed to keep homes clean.

Two models to consider for the title of best vacuum for hardwood floors are the Oreck Orbiter Multi-Purpose Floor Machine and the Hoover TwinTank Disinfecting Steam Mop WH20200.

2014 Best Vacuum for Hardwood Floors

Oreck Orbiter

The Oreck Orbiter is a floor buffer that can clean wood, tile, vinyl, and other hard floors. It also works to clean and loosen dirt from carpeting.

The brush or pad oscillates at up to 175 RPM and can clean, polish, scrub, sand, wax, or even strip floors safely. This model has a broad range of uses.

It weighs 24 pounds and has ¾ horsepower and a 5.4 amp motor. The consumer can also buy various accessories to go with the Oreck, such as pads, shampoos, and brushes. The extra-long power cord allows users the freedom to clean large areas without interruption.

Consumers who purchased this model loved it. They praised the machine’s balance and ease of use and its cleaning power. It works on laminate, tile, vinyl, and other hard surfaces easily and thoroughly. Very few people had any negatives to express about this cleaner.

Users did caution that ordering the accessories at the same time as the cleaner is a good idea: otherwise, the buyer might have to wait to clean certain surfaces. Purchasers felt this was an excellent all-in-one cleaner.

Hoover Disinfecting Steam Mop WH20200

The Hoover Steam Mop is another good choice for a hardwood floor machine. This model has two, which allow the user to simply steam the floor or add disinfectant solution to the mix in order to sanitize the floor as well. This steam mop includes accessories such as a carpet glide, a triangle swivel nozzle, and steam ready indicator.

In most vacuum cleaner reviews, you will discover that many who advocate this vacuum model tout its exceptional ability to clean hardwood floors.

However, they did caution that the floors needed to be swept thoroughly before using the steam mop. Several consumers thought the shine left on their floors was truly impressive. Also, assembly was easy and allowed them to start cleaning almost immediately.

A few people were not pleased with the cleaning job done by this model, but they were in the minority. One complaint was that the head was too large to reach certain areas.

Others remarked that for some grimy areas, the user had to repeatedly go over that spot. In general, purchasers gave this steam mop a “thumbs up” with a few reservations.

Best vacuum for hardwood floors from HooverBest steam mop for hardwood floor in action

Best Hardwood Floor Vacuum: Oreck Orbiter or Hoover WH20200?

The best vacuum for hardwood floors may well be either the Oreck Orbiter Multi-Purpose Floor Machine or the Hoover TwinTank Disinfecting Steam Mop WH20200.

Both models offer superior cleaning, though for a more all-purpose machine, consumers will want the Oreck Orbiter. It performs many more functions than the steam mop does.

But again, this is something that is best reflected in the price tags that come with each model. While the Hoover TwinTank WH20200 is more basic in terms of its capabilities, it cost only a fraction of the Oreck Orbiter.

So, know your need and budget. The best vacuum for hardwood floors is yours to choose!