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Two features are important to consider when you want to find the best upright vacuum cleaner. First is its weight and second its suction power.

Vacuuming carpets and furniture is a strenuous job, and any help that you can get from the cleaner lessens the amount of work that you have to do.

Bissell CleanView with OnePass gives you both features through technological advances that make it highly efficient.

In your vacuum cleaner review, you also want to look for a unit that reduces allergens with a multi-level filtration system.

Is Bissell CleanView the Simplest to Operate Vacuum Cleaner?

Performance Evaluation

The design of the sweeper head is wide but not tall, facilitating its use under chairs and tables.

Powerful suction that is delivered by the cyclonic system makes it unnecessary to make repeated passes to pick up dust, debris and pet hair.

Its effectiveness may result from a unique design in the brush that allows it to rotate downward into carpets, and the filtering system captures dust particles so that they do not land elsewhere.

You can expect to complete the vacuuming of your carpet in less time with a lightweight unit that is powerful and easy to move about a room. One setting lets you vacuum tile or wood floors, and four settings let you adjust the height that you need for your carpets. The 12 amps in this lightweight cleaner provide exceptional cleaning power, and the “one pass” feature lets you pick up dust and dirt with one motion.

Cleaning furniture and upholstery is efficient with a turbo brush tool attachment. Helpful for cleaning carpet on stairs as well, the turbo tool delivers as much suction power as the sweeper head.

In addition to the turbo brush, you get a crevice tool that lets you reach into corners and tight spaces, a dusting brush and an extension wand.

Picture of Bissell CleanView with OnePassOperation demonstration with Bissell 9595 vacuum cleaner

How about Ease of Maintenance?

According to the various Bissell vacuum reviews shared by CleanView owners, the task of emptying the dirt tank is much easier than handling dusty bags.

No more problem of dealing with escaped dirt and dust when you detach the bag from the vacuum unit. With one click, you can open the bottom so that you can dispose of all contents without creating a mess.

Without requiring you to find and purchase bags frequently or to experience odors from one that stays in the machine, the unit does need regular cleaning. This is one feature that many owners rave about in their Bissell vacuum reviews.

Taking a few minutes to rinse the washable filter and empty the contents after each use can make the machine function more efficiently. Dirt can accumulate above the dirt cup, usually a sign that it is too full.

The best upright vacuum cleaner at any price needs to have features that make using it easy, and the powerful suction and light weight of this 15 pound unit allow it to meet that requirement.

Priced at the lower end of the range, the Bissell CleanView has a bag-free design that competes with more expensive models.

Creating a fresh and clean feeling in your home and carpets that look rejuvenated are some results that you can expect from the Bissell.

Close up view of Bissell CleanView vacuum cleanerCleaning demonstration with Bissell cleanview vacuum machine

How It Fares against Its Rival

As you conduct your Bissell vacuum reviews, it is helpful to learn what the more expensive models offer that this one does not.

A 25 foot cord is often enough to clean a large room or two small ones without having to unplug it, and that feature may provide all of the convenience that you need.

Some models have a 27 foot cord, and an extra two feet can make a difference sometimes. Its 2-years warranty is three years less than some others, but the advances in its technology make it perform reliably.

Bissell Vacuum Reviews Verdict for CleanView

Cleaning your home can be a real pain. It will only be a matter of time before it takes a toll on your health, especially your back. Getting the best upright vacuum cleaner is hence critical in maintaining your physical well-being.

Good product speaks for itself. I believe you now have a better idea on how Bissell CleanView upright vacuum cleaner has spoken for itself.

It is definitely among the better rated upright vacuum. But is it the best vacuum cleaner for you? I’m sure you’re in a much better position to answer the question.