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When it comes with devices that blow or suck, Dyson definitely stands among the elites.

How else can one maintain its price point when competition from industry peers is so stiff other than continuing to innovate and increasing the bar of excellence?

This is what Dyson has done for many years now. Such vacuum brands as Bissell, Hoover, Shark and Oreck are just few examples of vacuum cleaner specialist competing in the same space as Dyson vacuum cleaner.

Americans love pet. I love my pets. I’m sure you love yours too.

We all love pets and many of us even keep few cats and (or) dogs at home. While pets may be great and fun companions to have, pet hairs and dirts are vacuum cleaners’ worst enemy and they claim one of the highest vacuum cleaner casualty.

One name that stands out among its peers is Dyson Animal Vacuum Cleaner. If you are pondering to get yourself a Dyson Animal vacuum, this Dyson vacuum review tries to answer few essential questions that will help you make your buying decision.

Dyson Animal Vacuum Reviews 101

While pet owning has become a part of American lives and cultures for many years now, it was only few years ago that vacuum cleaner makers started to introduce models that were specifically designed for pet cleaning.

In 2006, Dyson DC17 was first introduced but Dyson DC17 was more of general vacuum cleaner design that comes with additional tools and parts that can be attached to make vacuuming easier in the presence of animal hair and dirts. As far as I can recall, it was not labeled specifically with Dyson Animal name.

Dyson DC24

It could be due to the rising demands for special purpose vacuum cleaner that the company starts to label some of its model as Dyson Animal.

While Dyson DC17 was referred to as Dyson Vacuum, certain selected models starting with Dyson DC24 was referred to as Dyson Animal series.

Dyson DC24 is a small but compact vacuum cleaner. Dyson DC24 is highly appealing to homeowners who prefer a vacuum cleaner that is lightweight and does not take too much of a storage space.

Dyson DC24 is the first Dyson Animal model but there are occassional complaints about its durability. It depends on how you choose to see it. For every few who complain about Dyson DC24, there are hundreds happy customers who love this Dyson Animal vacuum model.

In the end, as with any products that consist of mechanical and electrical components, I guees hitting into bad batch of product is a matter of pure ‘luck’. More in-depth Dyson DC24 review can be found here.

Dyson DC28

The next Dyson Animal model introduced is Dyson DC28. Based on the serial number alone, you can pretty much guess that the Dyson DC28 is introduced not too far apart from the Dyson DC24.

But unlike Dyson DC24, Dyson DC28 is a full-size cleaner that is a weight class above its predecessor. One feature that both Dyson DC28 and DC24 share in common is the bagless feature.

The new feature built into Dyson DC28 but not DC24 is the Airmuscle technology. This technology allows the Dyson DC28 to automatically adjust its cleaner head depending on the floor type that it is dispatched to do.

Dyson DC39

The next Dyson animal cleaner model that came out after Dyson DC28 is Dyson DC39. 2011 was the year when Dyson DC39 was introduced to the world. However, unlike its two predecessors, Dyson DC39 is not a full-size upright but rather, a cylinder vacuum cleaner.

Dyson DC39 comes equipped with Radial Root Cyclone, one of Dyson’s latest technology. Another well loved feature of Dyson DC39 is the Triggerhead capability that allows you to make adjustment to the handle when you are cleaning different floor type, albeit minus the back pain you suffer from bending down.

Dyson DC41

Dyson DC41 was another Dyson Animal vacuum line-up introduced at about the same time as Dyson DC39. Dyson DC41 is a full-height upright cleaner and similar to Dyson DC39, it is equipped with the Radial Root Cyclone technology.

Now that Dyson DC41 has been selling in the market for about 2 years, there are many happy pet owners who have bought this model and claim it to be one of the best vacuum cleaners to answer the needs of home petowners.

Dyson DC44

One of the latest innovation from Dyson is the addition of Dyson DC44 to Dyson Animal family of cleaners. One of the features that make Dyson DC44 really cool is the detachable wand.

Design of detachable wand is intended to make life easier for home owners in cleaning usually out-of-reach or awkward spaces such as corners and ceilings. Barely a year after its introduction, Dyson DC44 has seen its popularity growing and received plenty of good reviews.

But one year is a little brief for a timeframe to conclude that Dyson DC44 really is another excellent product among Dyson vacuum models. Only time will tell.

That is it. I hope this Dyson animal vacuum review gives you a good idea on how Dyson has been growing its interest in the pet owners market. Share with us what you think of these products.