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Dyson broke out into the vacuum cleaner scene several decades ago with their cyclone suction technology leading the way.

Although no one brand can claim their product to be the best upright vacuum cleaner, loyal Dyson customers often argue for their favorite cleaning tool.

The Dyson DC40 Origin is their basic vacuum for use on any floor along with wand extensions and a few cleaning accessories.

Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages this model offers for an educated purchase in the future.

Why Dyson DC40 is Everyone’s Dream to Own

Ball Simplicity

A standard vacuum cleaner review can’t give you the feeling of turning on a dime with the DC40′s ball assembly.

Of all the vacuum designs, using a ball as the wheel mechanism is incredibly agile.

There are no difficult turns as the rotating head continues to suck away at dust and debris.

Dyson added a weight near the ball’s base, allowing the entire turning assembly to have a low center of gravity.

Tipping over during tight turns is nearly impossible.

No Bag and Washable Filters

Dyson has practically sold their entire line based on one fact: there’s no consumable products within the vacuum.

Purchasing vacuum bags is no longer on the to-do list, saving landfills from thousands of bags each year.

You simply unlatch the canister and empty it into the trash can.

The canister is transparent as well, allowing you to see how full the unit really is with a glance.

Even the internal filters are reusable. Simply rinse and dry them periodically.

Side view of Dyson DC40 Origin Upright VacuumImage of ceiling cleaning with Dyson DC40 Origin

Brush and Hose Issues

Areas for improvement include the spinning brush and extension hose. Customers report the brush meant to pull up on the carpet’s nap isn’t doing its job.

It’s possible suction is relied on too heavily to pull up matted carpet fibers.

Additionally, the hose extension to reach into crevices and edges doesn’t unfurl easily.

Some customers report the hose being too tight to even stretch out adequately.

Concerns about Reduced Quality

Although the first Dyson vacuums didn’t have the large ball assembly, some customers are actually willing to turn back time to have the original two front wheels.

Picture demonstrating carrying of Dyson DC40Picture of corner cleaning with Dyson DC40

They don’t feel the ball really adds to the product’s functionality.

Although it’s made with polycarbonate, the DC40 could break in some places according to customer complaints.

Overall, avoiding damage from falls is the best bet to keep your Dyson working smoothly.

Warranty Relief

Dyson does believe in their product so they offer a 5-year warranty. It covers parts and labor for particular issues, such as manufacturing defects.

If you find a broken part from basic vacuum use, take it to an authorized repair center.

With your proof of purchase, the technician can decide on warranty coverage or not.

Vacuums that are obviously abused, for example, are not commonly covered by standard warranties.

Customers must care reasonably for the unit for ample coverage.

The Final Score

You may look for a vacuum cleaner review with every product pro and con, but ultimately it’s up to you to decide on the best upright vacuum cleaner purchase.

Try a friend’s vacuum at their house, for example, to feel the machine in your hands.

Maneuverability and weight are always concerns with a vacuum purchase, especially when the machine is full of debris.

Choose wisely and you’ll have a machine ready to clean every day for years on end.