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The Dyson DC24 is not a new model from the famous manufacturer. Just because it is not flashy and new does not mean this vacuum cleaner isn’t still great though.

Truth is, the suction and clean provided by the Dyson DC24 leaves little to be desired. Going over your carpet once only will get rid of most dirt and grit, even the stuff which is dug in deep.

While this Dyson vacuum cleaner does work great, maybe you wonder why that is, exactly. What sets this one apart from all the rest when they all do pretty much the same thing?

What Goodness Does Dyson DC24 Promise?

Not the Latest but Remains Popular

Well, because this is an older model, finding parts is going to be difficult. This might sound more like a bad thing, but think a bit more about it. Those same old parts are also made better and more durable than the stuff being sold today.

While getting replacements is tough, you are less likely to need a replacement in the first place – understand? This actually works to your benefit as you get a dependable beast of burden. While electronics and appliances crafted in modern times are expressly made to fail fast and elicit another purchase soon, older stuff like this was built to last.

Superior technology in Dyson DC24 upright vacuumSide view of Dyson DC24 Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Newer features on this old favorite Dyson DC24 mean you can still see if you’re doing a good job. The clear plastic covering and storage for the dirt you vacuum lets you know if you’re picking anything up as you make your rounds.

This kind of visibility means you don’t need to guess anymore, or go over the same spot repeatedly because you think you missed something. This saves you a lot of time and grief, something most other vacuum cleaners simply won’t do for you.

It’s a Dyson Animal Series

Being part of Dyson animal line-up of vacuum models, Dyson DC24 has other features which are more unique than this though. The swiveling ball base is immediately apparent.

This bottom means you can rotate your Dyson DC24, spin it, roll it and do just about anything else to maneuver it into cramped spaces. All of this can be done without putting yourself through the effort of lifting the vacuum off the floor.

High versatility demonstration of Dyson DC24Engineering design in Dyson DC24 animal vacuum

This is a big, powerful machine and it’s kind of heavy, so that’s a real bonus for most users. Why this feature doesn’t appear on more vacuum cleaners is just a mystery but if you like it you don’t need to look any further anyhow.

This vacuum model is equipped with Dyson’s Ball technology which means it tends to deliver the maneuverability all your other vacuums lack.

Side view of DC24Front view of DC24

In fact, the Dyson DC24 is such a great machine all around, it comes highly recommended by homeowners everywhere.

Whether you stop by at a brick-and-mortar store nearby you or online retail stores such as Amazon, you can easily see how popular this model has been selling just by the number of Dyson vacuum reviews and praises it has received.

Lots of people love it and you will too if you’re looking for a great vacuum at an affordable price. It is considerably cheaper than the newer, thinner and more fragile models.

The extra bulk isn’t so much a hindrance as a way to keep the thing in one piece! If you’ve got a house full of kids, I believe Dyson DC24 will survive where others do not.

Is Dyson DC24 the Best Upright Vacuum?

Now that you’ve seen what Dyson DC24 has to offer, the final scorecard is only yours to decide. This may not be the newest vacuum models, but it doesn’t mean it is no longer relevant.

In fact, in my few years of using the vacuum cleaners, I don’t see much innovation coming out from even the best vacuum brands.

Personally, if asked for the best upright vacuum cleaner recommendation, I would hesitate little to recommend the Dyson DC24. It is probably among the best vacuum for pet hair removal.

Still not convinced to make your investment in Dyson DC24? Check out how Dyson DC65, the other popular Dyson vacuum model fares.

Also, I’ve compiled a list of what I thought to be the best vacuum cleaners available in the market today which should give you a better idea on the alternatives that you can find in the market today.