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My Dyson DC35 does a better job cleaning the carpets in my home than any other vacuum cleaner I’ve ever owned.

That’s saying a lot too because I’ve gone through so many vacuum cleaners over the past decades.

While most of them broke down completely after only a few years, this particular Dyson vacuum cleaner has been serving me well for much longer than that.

The Dyson DC35 works just like any other vacuum so there’s not much to be said about unique features. The fact remains it has held up to the test of time and regular use much better than my other cleaning tools.

If you’re considering to make a purchase, this Dyson vacuum review shows you how the DC35 can make a great vacuum investment to your home cleaning pain.

A Personal Dyson Vacuum Reviews on Dyson DC35

Rubber Belt is Long Lasting

Maybe it has something to do with the great rubber belts in the Dyson DC35. After so much time working on carpeted floors, many thinner, cheaper belts begin to fray and ultimately snap.

When that happens, vacuums no longer draw from the bottom like they’re supposed to because the parts inside aren’t turning properly. It happened to me and that was how my quest for the best Dyson vacuum reviews started.

While a hose attachment will still work in such cases, it’s not a concern at all with this model of Dyson vacuum cleaner.

Based on the dozens of Dyson vacuum reviews that I went through, I learnt that such problem is virtually non-existent in Dyson vacuum cleaners.

That was one reason why I went ahead with my DC35 purchase even though it was a little pricey.

Indeed, the problem has never come up. I’ve never needed to replace the belts. The same can’t be said for some other vacuums I’ve owned in the past.

2014 Dyson vacuum cleaner reviewsBest Dyson vacuum review

Sturdy and Durable in Every Aspect

Other moving parts in my Dyson DC35 seem to last longer too. While the innards of some vacuums are poorly made, that’s not the case with my Dyson DC35.

I’ve never broken a piece when emptying out the dirt or putting new, disposable parts inside the machine.

That’s pretty cool, all things considered; the inside is usually where the worst damage occurs on a vacuum cleaner.

You would think this especially true when seeing the slim build and slight frame of this Dyson vacuum but it’s still holding up strong for me. There is little opportunity for the things I vacuum to damage the inner workings of my machine.

This is because everything is kept separated by that plastic shielding which also serves as a repository for the waste I vacuum. It’s basically a hard, plastic bag instead of a softer one made from paper.

Floor cleaning with Dyson DC35Evaluation of Dyson DC35 in action

The durability is surely increased and what’s perhaps most important is I can actually see the efforts of my cleaning as I work. When the Dyson DC35 stops pulling up dirt, it’s obvious; there’s very little guess work involved here. All I do is go for a single lap around the inside of my house with this vacuum and the place gets clean. It’s just that simple!

Obviously, if you are an eco-conscious person, you may not like the idea of using plastic instead of paper bag. If you are, then this vacuum model is probably not the best option for you.

My 2-Cents Worth

All in all I am very happy with my purchase. I’m not sure if everyone would agree with me to say that this has to be one of the best vacuum cleaners ever made.

My Dyson DC35 has lasted a lot longer than others before it but that might have more to do with me than any new technology. Be very careful not to suck up rubber bands or other stretchy, elastic stuff like that.

It’s a great way to ruin even an expensive, high-end vacuum cleaner like the Dyson DC35. In most cases, you would do well to give your floor a quick preliminary clean. Before vacuuming, pick up any sharp or dangerous objects which could damage your Dyson DC35 and it will last longer.

Is Dyson DC35 a Smart Investment?

Though my personally experience with Dyson DC35 has been great, I don’t expect everyone to have the same kind of experience. I expect some of you will disagree.

If you are a pet owner and you are set on Dyson, you may want to read a bit more on Dyson vacuum reviews. You may want to find out if you really need a Dyson animal vacuum and if you do, which model should be worthy of your consideration.

But as this personal Dyson vacuum reviews have shown, I would not hesitate to give my personal recommendation for what I think one of the best vacuum cleaners I’ve ever owned.

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