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The 14-lb build of the Hoover WindTunnel Air Steerable Upright Vacuum cleaner looks deceptively delicate, but there’s muscular potency backing the skinny frame.

1300-Watts of raw cyclonic energy triggers with a push of the ON/OFF button, and a light grip on the gently curving handle will send the high-performance appliance gliding across the floor with fingertip control just a flick of the wrist away.

Let’s take a peek at some of the features that generate this power, functions that take the work out of floor cleaning while catapulting this slender cleaner skyward, making it a potential contender for best upright vacuum cleaner.

Knowing What to Expect from Hoover WindTunnel Air Steerable Upright Vacuum

A Sporty and Agile Machine

The hazy middle section of a store full of vacuum cleaners sports models that boast power or low-profile maneuverability.

But this entrant from Hoover combines both of these attributes, piling on several other features that can’t be found on a vacuum cleaner sold at this price.

A steerable mechanism tilts to chase dirt around a room full of awkwardly shaped furniture, shepherding the compact case with the aid of a set of rubberized wheels.

This configuration takes the strain out of movement, easing wrist fatigue.

Finished in one room, the lightweight frame was a blessing for my tired back as I effortlessly hoisted the Hoover WindTunnel up to the next floor.

The head and brushroll never caught on loose carpet edges, a big plus when looking for the best upright vacuum cleaner, and the bag-less design won the appliance big points regarding hygiene.

There’s nothing worse than finishing cleaning, only to discover a messy bag is leaking dust over the newly vacuumed room.

Side view of Hoover WindTunnel Air Steerable Upright VacuumCleaning demonstration of Hoover WindTunnel Air Steerable Upright Vacuum cleaner

Let Its HEPA Filtration System Clean Pet Dander and Harmful Allergens

Checking off the positive features and functions with some momentum now, the need to never change a bag again is bliss.

The transparent vessel that displays the result of the 8 cyclone mechanical action is slightly hypnotic, a vortex of motion, but my attention was mostly reserved for the filtration unit.

A cylindrical assembly punctured by small apertures holds a HEPA media filter, an invaluable block against 99.9% of allergens and the tiny particles that can cause respiratory problems.

Labeled with illustrative flare as Level 3 AllergenBlock, this technology reserves the Hoover WindTunnel a special place on a vacuum cleaner review.

Shoppers with sensitivities to pet dander or seasonal allergens will instantly feel the benefits of this technology.

Manouvering with Hoover windtunnel air steerable vacuum cleanerPicture of convenient storage of Hoover windtunnel air steerable upright vacuum

A Powerful Vacuum Indeed

The navigational prowess of the steerable assembly pivots rapidly around sharp corners while the WindTunnel technology creates 3 channels of impossible to resist suction, but I wanted to see if I could trip the unit up with a possible flaw.

Does the Hoover WindTunnel have any major drawbacks? In short, the answer is no.

It’s next to impossible to buy another vacuum cleaner with bag-less technology and cyclonic action at this affordable price.

Being finicky, I’d say the canister has a lower capacity than standard, meaning it needs to be changed often.

Also, there could be more settings to aid in cleaning carpets with taller strands, but these are minor issues.

On the whole, any vacuum cleaner review will assign this appliance a formidable score.

The brushroll can be turned on and off when traversing carpets and hardwood flooring, and the 12-foot hose combines with a 30-foot cord length to allow full coverage of large rooms.

Review Takeaway

Sporting a 2-in-1 tool attachment for cleaning window blinds and tight spaces, the Hoover WindTunnel Steerable Upright Vacuum Cleaner delivers cyclonic action and bag-free convenience.

The appliance is affordable and made of high-quality parts, an impressive fact considering the addition of HEPA filtration media, air purification technology that’s capable of defending a home against the assault of tear-inducing allergens.