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Relying on a brand name is one way to start a vacuum cleaner review when you want to find the best stick vacuum cleaner. The Hoover brand stands out as one that is the most well known.

Starting production in 1907, the company developed a sweeper that was so well accepted that many people referred to any brand of vacuum cleaner as a Hoover. The introduction of Hoover Corded Cyclonic Stick Vacuum (SH20030) into the market shows that the company is keeping pace with modern technology.

How does this stick vacuum model live up to what is expected of the brand? You’ll soon find out. Ready? Let’s start.

What to Expect of Hoover Corded Cyclonic Stick Vacuum

Focusing on Versatility for Convenient Cleaning

As you conduct your vacuum cleaner review, look for a machine that can handle different floor surfaces. This unit can switch from carpeted rooms to hard floors and from throw rugs to oriental carpets that accent your room.

The non-marring surface on this model prevents damage to your floors, and the power brush with advanced technology delivers powerful suction to clean different floor coverings. The handle declines to a degree that prevents the need to move furniture.

When you search for the best stick vacuum cleaner, you need to look for features that make your job easy. Bristles around the edge of this unit dislodge dirt along the baseboard so that you can avoid the dreadful job of cleaning them by hand.

Other versatile features include swivel steering that lets you maneuver the cleaner with ease, and its low profile is designed to glide under furniture. Avoiding the stress of back pain with a lightweight vacuum is desirable for young and old alike.

Easy cleaning of Hoover Corded Cyclonic Stick VacuumDemonstration of Hoover Stick Vacuum SH20030 in action

Dried spills are easy to remove, but the unit is not suitable for picking up liquids or wet dirt. The wide mouth on the vacuum lets you remove a large amount of dirt or dust at one time.

Cleaning and Storing the Vacuum

The unit weighs less than nine pounds, making it easy to take upstairs if you need to. Storage requires less than a square foot to accommodate its roughly 10 by 8 inch footprint.

The sleek design houses a powerful amount of suction, and the cyclonic technology removes dirt, dust mites, crumbs and pet dander from floors, throw rugs and carpets effectively.

Emptying the dirt cup after each use is a good practice, and it is clear so that you can see when it is getting full. The cup is not large enough to clean the entire carpeted area in a large room if it is excessively dirty.

The debris canister is easy to remove from the bottom of the vacuum, and it comes apart so that you can rinse the filter and other parts. Starting with a completely clean canister each time you use it increases the effectiveness of the unit and prevents odors from forming inside.

Cleaning tight spaces is easy with Hoover SH20030 stick vacuum cleanerSweeper head of Hoover SH20030 stick vacuum cleaner

If you happen to tip the canister upside down while you clean, the foam filter is not locked down and it may fall off.

Little More Details

The suction power that this model delivers is greater than you may assume from its thin and slim design. The cyclone technology creates all of the power that you need to keep your floors and carpets looking refreshed.

As one of the more expensive vacuums on the market, its brand is respected for durability and performance. A limited one year warranty that covers parts and service is not as long as that for some competing models. Dyson DC65 for example, comes with 5-year warranty.

At only 20 feet, the cord is somewhat shorter than others that provide one of 25 or 27 feet. In a large room, you may need to unplug and move to another outlet to have adequate access to corners.

Hoover Lightweight Cyclonic Stick Vacuum Cleaner SH20030Handy control in Hoover SH20030 vacuum cleaner

Is Hoover Cyclonic a Good Stick Vacuum Buy?

With all said, the ball is now back in your court to decide if Hoover Corded Cyclonic Stick is the perfect vacuum for your case.

It is definitely not positioned to be an entry-level alternative but also not the most expensive. The Hoover brand lends strong credence but the 1-year warranty is still deemed as insufficient for some.

So, where does it stand among the best vacuum models that are currently available in the market? I guess the answer is to a large extent, dependent on your budget.

If you find the entry-level options to be too weak but such elites as Dyson to be too expensive, Hoover Corded Cyclonic Stick might be the perfect consideration.