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Consideration in choosing HEPA Vacuum

It would seem that vacuuming the home frequently would take care of most dust or pollen issues, but the wrong cleaner can actually do more harm than good. Vacuum manufacturers often use HEPA filters as a selling point.

Also known as high efficiency particulate air, HEPA filters have strict specifications for their trapped materials. Particles as small as 0.3 microns are trapped 99.7 percent of the time with these filter types. When you wonder if you need a HEPA vacuum cleaner, consider some of these factors to make your choice.

Do You Really Need a HEPA Vacuum? Let’s See

Allergy-Prone Family Members

You definitely want the best vacuum cleaner in the home if anyone is prone to allergies. Pollen, dander and basic dust can trigger seasonal allergies. Congestion, runny noses and a down appearance are all symptoms of allergies that can be controlled with a HEPA filter.

As the vacuum sucks up the dust, most of it remains in the machine. Other filters actually expel the small particles into the air, creating even more allergy problems in the home.

Asthma Sufferers

People with asthma are constantly trying to keep the air around them clean. Several particulates encourage asthma attacks right in the home. Dust mites, smoke and dander are just a few of the issues asthma patients must avoid.

Where people usually had to leave the room during a vacuuming session, asthma sufferers can actually do the cleaning with a HEPA filter unit.

Humid Conditions

HEPA vacuum cleaner reviews often center around dust collection success, but mold spores are also good reasons to have a trusty unit. If you live in a particularly humid area, mold is constantly looking for a foothold.

You probably have spores within the carpet at all times until a good vacuuming pulls them out. Use a HEPA vacuum to capture all the mold spores. Some mold, such as black mold, can actually sicken the household if allowed to grow.

Indoor Pets

Even the best vacuum cleaner can leave behind that frustrating dog or cat hair. HEPA vacuums can’t pick up every animal hair, but they can control dander and its concentration in the air.

Instead of kicking up a cloud of pet dander, HEPA vacuums keep the particulates controlled at floor level. After a few minutes of vacuuming, you could see the dander building up in the vacuum’s canister or bag.

Carpeted Homes

It is much easier to control dust and dander in a home with bare floors, such as wood or laminate. When you have carpeting in some or all rooms, you definitely need a HEPA vacuum.

The suction and filtering process directs the dust from the carpet fibers and into the canister. Other vacuums can kick up some particulates, making it almost impossible to control filtering with dust remaining airborne.

Smokers in the Home

When people smoke inside a home, there are particulates that eventually float to the floor. Consider a HEPA vacuum so these tiny particles are picked up and stored safely. You will notice a fresher scent emanating from the carpet after vacuuming, proving the particulates are no longer there.

Always read through vacuum cleaner reviews before purchasing a unit. The HEPA term is floated around in various ways, such as “HEPA-like.” This particular description isn’t officially a HEPA and should be avoided. Certified filters will state the HEPA name, allowing you to keep your family and home virtually dust-free.

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