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Neato XV-21 pet and allergy vacuum cleaner reviews

The state-of-the-art Neato XV-21 Pet and Allergy vacuum cleaner is a smart appliance that adopts a set-and-forget operational model.

In short, turn this automatic vacuum cleaner on, and it will find its way across any room, navigating obstacles as it goes to work sucking up dirt like any other top vacuum cleaner.

How Neato XV-21 Won the Hearts of Pet Owners

Key Product Highlights

The well-mannered Neato XV-21 is a 5.5-inch tall automaton with the ability to harness advanced scanning technology. Electronic wizardry is used to map out your room before beginning an efficient grid pattern of automated cleansing.

Intelligent dirt removal takes a leap up the cleansing ladder at this point by adding the particles that trigger allergies to the repertoire of the smart appliance, always a big plus in a health-conscious vacuum cleaner review.

The U-shaped mobile mass of cleaning power evens out at 21.3 x 15.2 inches, dimensions that equal a well-defined 21-lbs of dirt management, and a form factor that’s apt to bring it into competition with the best robotic vacuum cleaner models in those big ticket electronics stores we all enjoy exploring.

It’s tough to move away from the nature of this little gadget, its ability to clean without any kind of oversight, but duty calls. The next feature that sells the device to the consumer is its targeted design for households that have pets.

Pet hair gets everywhere, and only a dedicated brushroll can handle the tangles of cat and dog hair. And I’m not forgetting those other particles that shed from our furry friends.

The Neato XV21 picks them all up with equal enthusiasm, taming wild tangles of furry animal hair with a specially bristle brush. Extending on this allergen design ethic, the brush then passes the irritants on to a bagless dirt bin via a dedicated filter.

Picture of complete box set of Neato XV-21 Pet vacuumKey Components of Neato XV-21 automatic vacuum cleaner

A Cleaning Robot Equipped with Laser-Guided Technology

The automation features and the pet allergen subduing filter is a powerful dual punch for any vacuum cleaner. I consider them as important elements in finding the best robotic vacuum cleaner, but I feel like I should delve further into the sensory component of the appliance.

It’s laser-guided technology that traces the outlines of obstacles and open space, light-emitted intelligence that passes on data to the electronic brain of the robotic cleaner.

The data is then applied in the creation of a grid-like cleansing pattern, an efficient and methodical route that takes the device back and forth from wall to wall and around the legs of furniture.

The combo brush works smoothly as the pattern moves on, with the motor running quiet and maintaining air-flow on carpeting and hardwood floors.

Picture of Neato XV-21 at workImage of Neato Robot vacuum cleaner at work

A Closer Look

A closer look shows the pale grey and purple coloring of the Neato XV-21. The purple sections are home to the removable dustbin and the “Botvision” module, while the light colored sections define the plastic of the robotic assistant’s chassis.

An LCD panel and start button completes the outline of the appliance, but I’m missing one important component, the charging base.

The Neato XV-21 can be set to clean a room and move onto the next room, but it will also always find its way back to this charge station, recharging the NiMH battery before returning to where it left off cleaning.

Overall, this vacuum cleaner review found the robotic cleaning experience pleasurable and productive. There were a few concerns over battery life and puzzling error messages received on returning home, but most of these were resolved with a system update.

A boon in the world of automated domestic cleaning, the Neato XV-21 can be scheduled to depart its base while you’re at work. Just keep anxious kitty-cats away if you don’t want a spitting and hissing fight to break out.

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