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Oreck has long been the forerunner for best upright vacuum cleaner models when it comes to the weight of their vacuums, but the 8 pound commercial vacuum is on a class of its own.

It is intended for use in a commercial setting as well as a heavy load home setting.

It is a model that provides a little bit of something for everyone and most vacuum cleaner review options have touted it as one of the best of its kind because of its weight, its durability and ease of use while still remaining extremely functional in a commercial or home setting.

Oreck Commercial 8 Pound Upright Vacuum Review

Why is it among the best?

The Oreck upright commercial vacuum is among the best upright vacuum cleaner models because it provides the functionality that so many people look for in a commercial cleaner without the cumbersome weight that comes with many of the models.

It is a great option for anyone who needs a vacuum cleaner that is lightweight, easy to use and easier to maneuver through tight corners as well as a large amount of space on open retail floors.

It is also a great commercial option because it has an extremely long cord.

Sleek Design

This commercial vacuum comes in the traditional Oreck style.

The boxy view of the vacuum has not changed much over the years. And Oreck has not done so because as has been proven in a number of vacuum cleaner reviews, such design allows vacuum users to maneuver and have a great vacuuming experience.

The cleaner is available in the classic Oreck grey color that will not be intrusive to any retail or commercial space.

The touches of red on the cleaner add just a bit of class for the vacuum cleaner and allow it to stand out among many of the other commercial models that can be somewhat dull.

Designed for Heavy Use

The balanced brush roll is exactly what most people are looking for when they are looking at different commercial vacuum cleaner options.

It is able to be used on a variety of carpets and hard floors and provides the spinning power and suction that is necessary for pulling the most dirt and debris out of carpets.

The brushes are less prone to tangling and becoming jammed than many of the smaller residential options.

Although it is intended for commercial settings, it is a great option for people who have pets and a lot of dog hair because it does not become easily worn down like many of the other residential models that are available.

One Problem

While most people are generally satisfied with this Oreck Commercial model, the biggest problem was seen in the receptacle design.

Unlike many of the newer models of vacuum cleaners that have bagless operation and cylindrical containers to keep the dirt and dust in, Oreck has stuck with their classic bagged design.

They have not changed much over the years and continue to provide people with exactly what they need when it comes to a bagged vacuum cleaner.

Another major problem that people had with this commercial model is the tendency of the exterior plastic casings to become easily broken.

Key Takeaway Before Buying

When you are looking for the best commercial upright vacuum for your needs, there are many things that you should take into consideration.

If you think about the size of the space you are cleaning, the amount of dirt or dust that is in the area you are cleaning and the needs that you have with the vacuum cleaner you will be able to make the right vacuum choice.

Always make sure that you read as many reviews possible before making your decision to be sure that you are choosing the best vacuum.