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Many consumers still associate the Oreck brand with the iconic bowling ball commercials.

Although trying such a stunt at home with a vacuum cleaner might not be a good idea, buyers can still test out Oreck’s suction and cleaning ability on regular household dirt and spills.

For Oreck vacuum lovers, the Oreck Magnesium RS Vacuum Cleaner is the ultimate prize. It delivers Oreck quality but is lightweight and easy to use and maneuver. This vacuum gives buyers the full Oreck experience at an affordable price in a convenient design.

Oreck vacuum reviews are generally positive with consumers expressing a few reservations that are echoed by some consumer publications. Let’s find out more.

Oreck Magnesium RS Reviews

Solid Construction Made to Last

Made out of magnesium (considered as one of the lightest metal), this vacuum is the lightest model Oreck has ever produced.

Or maybe, it is one of the lightest vacuums anyone has ever built. Without the cord, it weighs only 7.7 pounds! Compare that to the weight of Dyson DC65 which comes at 17.35 pounds.

It has an amazingly strong magnesium frame that is tougher than some steel frames. More impressively, the motor produces 102 MPH of airflow. This ensures the machine has enough excellent pick-up power.

If you think light means weak, then you are totally wrong. The feat that the Oreck engineers have managed to accomplish is something remarkable I have to say. Lightweight plus powerful suction. To me, that sounds like a lethal combination.

To back that up with the numbers, the roller brush spins at 7,000 RPM. The suction power built into the Magnesium RS enables it to deep clean all types of carpet fiber.

Light and Convenient

The large rubberized wheels allow the user to maneuver this model easily throughout the house. One feature you may want to take note during your Oreck vacuum reviews is the Endurolife belt.

This belt design is proprietary to the brand. It is designed to prevent jamming by large objects.

One important design aspect of the Oreck Magnesium RS that gets talked about in dozens of Oreck vacuum reviews is its swivel agility.

I do vacuuming very often. One challenge that I always have to deal with is in navigating through the living room where there are big furniture pieces around.

If you know what I’m talking about, then you’ll appreciate the swivel flexibility that is built into the Oreck Magnesium RS.

Honestly, you are paying a lot for this vacuum but such fantastic feats is something that you will never find in cheaper vacuum models.

What many Oreck vacuum reviews tend to ignore are the little details about the Magnesium RS.

Since I’ve enough experience (and had my bad share of experiences in the past), I always like to scrutinize the details instead of looking at the big features alone.

I notice there is a cord clip attached to the vacuum body. Now, that’s what I called good design. Why? Because this clip allows me to free my hand during vacuuming.

What I normally do with other vacuum models is to use one of my hand to hold the cord. This is so that it doesn’t get rolled over when I move the unit around.

Then there is the carry handle at the back of this unit. Again, this is a seemingly tiny but clever design that oftens get left out in most Oreck vacuum reviews.

The carry handle allows me to grab and carry this unit with so much ease. Something that you will not be able to enjoy with your canister vacuum. Or even vacuum models that weigh much heavier than this.

The wireless control is something that gets many owners raving about when they talk about their Oreck vacuum reviews.

How it works is real simple. It puts the control right at your finger tips. It is found at the top handle, right where you are holding it with your palm.

Turning on and off is just a button push away. Switching between low and high is just a button press.

Impressive 7-years Warranty

When you buy an Oreck Magnesium RS, it will be covered by an impressive 7-years warranty. For comparison, Dyson vacuums come with 5-years warranty. Which one is the winner? You know better than me.

If the 7-years coverage period is not enough for some demanding vacuum owners (like myself), the 5-years free annual tune-up maybe enough to convince most of those who demand more from their investment.

What does this mean? It means that for 5-years in a row, you can bring your Magnesium RS for a check-up and let the experts tune it up.

Just like the way you send your car for service. It’s that simple.

Cleaning tight spaces with Oreck Magnesium RS Swivel-Steering Bagged Upright VacuumDemonstration of Oreck Magnesium RS LW1500RS in action

Because it is so lightweight, buyers reported vacuuming more often than they did with heavier models. Some even said vacuuming with this unit was enjoyable.

Older individuals or people with a physical ailment would find this a good vacuum to use. Most reviewers found the cleaning power impressive and felt that this model was of a superior design.

Few Drawbacks

This Oreck does have several disadvantages. It comes with no attachments at all, so buyers are not able to clean in nooks and crannies with this vacuum. This means they will have to turn to other products to handle those spots.

Another common complain often found in many Oreck vacuum reviews is the weight of the cord itself. Do take note that the 7.7 pound weight is the weight minus the cord.

I have to say the cord is not ‘weightless’. I’ve not tried to put the cord on the weighing scale. But based on my experience in handling it, I can say the cord weighs probably around 50% of the main unit itself.

Some owners voice their dislike with the 5-years annual tune-up offer. They mention how they are so lazy to bring the unit to the service center for the tune-up.

But honestly, should you blame your laziness on Oreck? I certainly don’t think so. One piece of advice I always recommend is to check for an Oreck service center location nearest to you.

Is Oreck Magnesium the Best Vacuum Investment?

This review has presented you with a closer examination of Oreck Magnesium RS. If the image of the bowling ball ads is still etched into your mind and Oreck is your preferred brand, you may have found a winner in the Oreck Magneium RS.

It is sturdy and super light. In fact, it is one of the lightest vacuums you can get your hands on. Its 7-years warranty ensures that your hefty investment is well protected for a period that is longer than most of the cheaper alternatives.

So, do you think it makes the best vacuum cleaner investment? I’m sure you have enough information to make a wise decision now.

Image credit: Andrew Malone