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SEBO 9559 Automatic X4 Extra Upright Vacuum reviews

Shopping for a vacuum cleaner is a tricky proposition. Enter the SEBO 9559AM Automatic X4 EXTRA upright vacuum cleaner, an appliance that’s as at home eating dirt in a filthy commercial facility as it is when picking up dust in the home.

Delivering German engineering in a tall and streamlined package, this vacuum cleaner review is in search of the pros and cons of the glossy appliance.

Can SEBO Automatic X4 Extra Take Care of Your Mess?

It’s Got Large Capacity

Although I’m not inclined to disassemble the SEBO 9559AM, there are plenty of signs to indicate this workhorse cleaner is a candidate for best upright vacuum cleaner in its class.

The large capacity 13 x 12 x 46 outline of the appliance suggests there’s plenty of room for storing dirt.

The 12-Amp motor integrates serious suction into an intelligent design, and SEBO is quick to promote an assemblage of commercial-grade components within the vacuum cleaner.

This company pride in product efficiency might seem like nothing more than hyperbole, but I’m aware of the legendary status of SEBO in Europe, so I’m inclined to take these boasts seriously.

A Smart Cleaner

The 14-gallon filter bag partners with a tilting 12-inch head to ensure every grain of dirt is sucked free of dense carpets and upholstery, a feature that becomes even more beneficial when paired with the electronic smarts of the automatically adjusting brush.

I’ve read many a vacuum cleaner review, but few of them make mention of such a handy adjustment feature. Looking closer at the brushroll, the brush adjusts automatically upward or downward depending on resistance met on the floor.

This means the vacuum cleaner is the king of versatility, with the ease-of-use factor integrating other automation features including a bag overfill indicator and a clogged line light.

Image of control panel in SEBO 9559AM Automatic X4 vacuumBack view of SEBO 9559AM Automatic X4 upright vacuum cleaner

Premium Price with Premium Quality You can Rest Assured

SEBO vacuum cleaners do come with premium price tags but that cost is associated with the quality of the components, the rugged build of the casing, and the power of the suction, factors I assign to the appliances popularity within cleaning companies.

Taking another spin around my own floor, product versatility is matched by the low profile movement of the squared suction head.

The molded handle of the upright cleaner lowers all the way to the floor, meaning the 5.5-inch high head can zip under the legs of a chair or bed to trap hidden dirt with smooth efficiency.

On top of that, an active wand is always at hand, always attached and ready to be withdrawn from the main unit for quick usage in tight spaces.

Not only is this feature invaluable in an environment where time is money, a commercial cleaning company for example, but it’s also a highly desirable feature in a model that’s positively bound for the best upright vacuum cleaner listing.

Advanced Filtration System

Filtration is the second line of attack used by the SEBO 9559 Automatic X4 EXTRA. The high-performance appliance includes 3 layers of filtration.

Hospital S-class filtration is built into the large dust collection bags, and the conduits and connecting tubing within the vacuum cleaner are all expertly sealed to enhance filtration, preventing pollen and allergens from troubling those with sensitive respiratory systems.

The combination of this filtration feature and the powerful motor also make for a superior pet hair clean-up solution. The quality of the parts and the capacity of the cleaner do create a slightly weighty 17-lb product but I can’t find other disadvantages, except perhaps for the high price point.

A 40-foot long electrical cord and a turbo brush accessory complete the impressive features list. And if this indomitable list of plus points isn’t enough, a lifetime guarantee for the belts driving the machine places the cherry on the top.

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