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I’ve gone through my share of low-cost stick vacuums, planning to keep it in the corner to whip out and sweep the kitchen floor with little fuss. But their suction always disappointed me and they often broke down within a year or so.

So I renewed my search for the best stick vacuum, and may have found it. Though the Shark Rocket Ultralight vacuum cleaner may create the need for a new category of vacuums. I wrote this Shark Rocket vacuum cleaner review to tell you that big things can come in small packages.

Ready to lift off?

Getting to Know Shark’s Ultralight Rocket

Basic Features to Start

The Rocket Ultralight holds a 500-watt engine in its handle. The Rocket can vacuum carpet and bare floors. It’s bagless, which is economical for the long term. It weighs 7.5 pounds, and has an impressively long 30-foot cord.

I have a fairly large home and it’s nice not to move the plug in the middle of vacuuming. Another reason to appreciate the long cord is that the dust cup doesn’t detach from the motor. The handle, motor and dust cup are all joined, so you have to bring the cord with you to the kitchen trash.

If you have allergies, you may want to think twice before purchasing the Rocket. The filtration is not strong and the dust cup allows particles to escape which might cause allergy sufferers to need an antihistamine before vacuuming, but it hasn’t been a problem for me. And from what I’ve heard, it’s very important to clean the filter as often as recommended because it will lose suction.

Use of Shark Rocket Ultralight in staircase cleaningPortability of Shark Rocket Ultralight Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Turn Into Handheld Vacuum Instantly

The Shark Rocket not only works as an upright but also dissembles into a handheld, which is great for stairs and also the carpet of my minivan, where I used the detailing attachments too.

Another conversion option is to take off the head of the vacuum to become a handheld with an extension to reach cobwebs. I have ten-foot ceilings, so I also attach the extension that comes with the attachment kit.

The Rocket is pretty easy to maneuver since it’s lightweight and has a swivel head that pivots 45 degrees either direction. The head fits between chairs and under toe kicks. However, when I come to a stop, I have to prop it somewhere. The vacuum will not stand on its own, but it does come with a mounting kit. For now it’s against the wall in my pantry.

Efficient storage of Shark Rocket Ultralight Vacuum machineDifferent parts of Shark Rocket Ultralight Upright Vacuum

It’s Powerfule! No Doubt about it.

The Shark Rocket Ultralight certainly has more power than you would expect in a stick vacuum. I vacuumed my carpet with the Rocket after first carefully vacuuming with my full-sized upright.

I was astounded at how much dust and pet hair it managed to pick up! Shark’s own website cites testing that demonstrated that the Rocket out cleaned the Tyson DC40. When looking for the best stick vacuum cleaner, performance is at the top of my list. Great performance more than makes up for the annoyances I already listed.

I love the attachments which come with the vacuum (as long as you order the HV302). I have never been able to clean under my stove or refrigerator without moving them. The Under Appliance Wand enables me to do just that! When I move to the tile, I prefer to remove the head and use the floor attachment rather than switch to bare floor mode.

I can get in tighter spots that way. The Rocket HV302 also comes with an extension tool, dusting brush, pet and upholstery tool, and the Dust-Away tool, which comes with a removable, washable microfiber pad. This tool travels behind the cleaning head to pick up any dust or hair that might be missed.

You Decide

Based on the things that I’ve just shared, I guess you don’t need me telling you how satisfy I’ve been with my purchase.

Do I think Shark Rocket Ultralight as the best vacuum? As far as my use preference and needs go, I have little to complain about it. It lets me clean areas that are difficult to reach and it lets me do it easily.

The only thing I would caution against is its price tag can be hefty for some. So, don’t fall in love too early or you might have to pay more than you need to.