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No examination of the vacuum market is complete without evaluating handheld models. They are convenient to use on small messes, upholstery, and car interiors.

When trying to find the best handheld vacuum, no one should overlook the Black & Decker Platinum BDH2000L or the Dirt Devil BD10045RED. These two models are at the top of the handheld vacuum market.

My Pick for the Best Handheld Vacuum

The Black & Decker model BDH2000L has a built-in crevice tool, flip-up brush, and a slim, rotating nozzle that is effective for dirt, crumbs, and pet hair. The system relies on a triple layer, cyclonic filtration system to provide powerful suction. (Click here if you’d like to read more on how cyclonic filtration works) Also, it can hold a charge for up to 18 months.

The filter and bowl can be washed, and the entire unit kept unobtrusively in the kitchen or living room within quick reach for a fast cleanup. It weighs less than three pounds and comes with a charging base and indicator light.

Reviewing Black and decker popular BDH2000L handheld vacuum in actionPicture of best handheld vacuum cleaners

Reviews of this Black and Decker handheld vacuum are largely positive. Buyers feel that it has powerful suction that lasts until the battery charge wore off. The lithium battery is a plus since the vacuum can be stored in the charger without harming the battery. Also, the rotating nozzle allows users to get into tight nooks and crannies and remove dirt they haven’t been able to get to before.

For buyers, the main negative is the noise. The model is loud, but since it delivers good suction, buyers are not too concerned with this problem. Also, the unit does not mount easily on the wall. It is a floor unit, and some consumers think that aspect is less convenient.

The Next Best Alternative

Another popular handheld model is the Dirt Devil AccuCharge vacuum. The manufacturers advertise that it has a longer battery life than many models, charges 2X faster, and uses 70% less energy than other units. It has 15.6 volts, which gives it significant suction power. It is cordless, and its battery charger is qualified for the Energy Star rating. Its crevice tool is mounted above the nozzle and can be flipped down at the user’s convenience.

This vacuum’s sucking ability is one feature that stands out in many of the vacuum cleaner reviews that discuss about this model. It has strong suction and works well on crumbs and pet hair. The charge lasts a long time, up to 30 minutes, and most buyers are quite impressed with its cleaning ability.

One concern that consumers have is that small particles can pass through the system. This vacuum is more effective on pet hair and larger debris. Also, the mounting system requires a horizontal charge, which means it takes up more space than wall mount units. Overall, though, users are quite satisfied with this model.

Decision is Yours to Make

When looking for the best handheld vacuum, consumers should investigate both the Dirt Devil AccuCharge and the Black & Decker Platinum BDH20000L. Both models generate high customer satisfaction and few negative reviews.

They both do light cleaning jobs quite well and can get into small areas that regular size vacuum cleaners cannot. They have surprising suction power and battery life, so they make good additions to a homeowner’s arsenal of cleaning tools.

Now that you have read our take on the best handheld vacuums, you will be the best person to decide if these vacuums are good enough for your need. Or if you think there are other models that should be included in the list, let us know in the comment below.

Handheld vacuums offer high degree of convenience, they may not be strong enough to clean a large room. Click here if you are interested to find out which latest vacuum models are our best vacuum cleaner picks.