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The Best is Constantly Changing

If you are hunting for a vacuum cleaner, you have come to the right place. At, we strive to provide our readers with the best vacuum cleaner reviews.

With the constant evolution that we see in the vacuum cleaning technology, our advice is to approach this whole subject matter with an open mind.

Vacuum cleaners that were voted the best in previous years would have been obsolete. The best vacuum cleaners in 2014 may not come from the same brands or manufacturers as in previous years.

We’ve Done the Hard Work so You Don’t Have to!

In the current market there are hundreds (or probably thousands) of vacuum cleaners to choose from. Finding the right one suited to your needs can be somewhat tricky and time consuming.

Choosing the best vacuum cleaners is not merely about picking the best vacuum brand, but also picking the right type that is best suited to your need.

Among the considerations is the floor type. If you have hardwood floor to clean, the best vacuum for hardwood floors depends on your budget. A vacuum model that is designed solely for hardwood floor will certainly cost less than one that is designed for multiple types of surface.

The other consideration is the convenience and amount of tight spaces you have to clean. You have the option of choosing the best handheld vacuum for maximum versatility or one that can be detached like the Shark Professional Lift-Away.

Sounds intimidating? Fret not. We have compiled the best vacuum cleaner reviews and created the most up to date vacuum reviews of the latest vacuum models in 2014.

You won’t have to search around endlessly anymore. You find all vacuum cleaners reviews here.

And the Best Vacuum Cleaner Picks are…

Dyson DC33

Kicking off our most recommended list is Dyson DC33 Multi-floor Vacuum. As with other Dyson’s range of products, this latest model is fairly expensive.

Yet, the high price tag doesn’t deter buyers from buying it. Aside from the glowing Dyson vacuum reviews, such consumer willingness is the best testament to the quality of a product.

Dyson DC33 is a versatile piece of equipment which is well suited to a range of different surfaces. This vacuum is fairly light.

Moving it around is not a problem and its powerful suction capabilities makes it a highly efficient vacuum.

This latest best-seller from Dyson has a 2.3L capacity that is larger than most. It means there’ll be less emptying work to do as what’s required of the average models.

It has a HEPA filter and cyclone technology built in which makes it very easy to use.

One of the best-selling model from Dyson animal vacuum line-up, Dyson DC33 works across multi-surfaces. It works just as effective on carpet as it is on laminate, wooden floor or ceramic tiles. This coupled with its remarkably powerful suction creates a formidable vacuum machine.

GTech Air Ram

Next we have the Gtech AirRam. This is a very well built and designed piece of equipment.

It is a highly efficient cordless vacuum cleaner which is easy to use and comes with a 5 year guarantee!

One thing to note about the Gtech Air Ram is how aesthetically pleasing this product is. It really is very easy on the eye.

Along with this it also incorporates advanced technology to create a brilliant suction device. Despite being a battery-powered machine the Gtech is still extremely effective in its suction properties and can clean the full range of particles from dirt to large bits of mould etc.

Its only real drawback is that unlike Dyson DC33, the AirRam does struggle on certain surfaces and thick carpet is one of them. Apart from this however Gtech have released one of the most efficient and well rounded vacuum cleaners on the market today.

Hoover Platinum Linx Pet Cordless Hand Vacuum

Next we have the Hoover Platinum LINX Pet Cordless Hand Vacuum. Some argue that it doesn’t have the grit to compete with Dyson animal vacuum models.

I agree. But when price is considered, this might be the best option for pet owners who can’t afford the luxury of a Dyson.

It is true that regular vacuums tend to run into problems when it comes to cleaning pet hair but not with the Hoover LINX though. This model has been specifically designed and built to tackle animals’ hair.

Miele S5281 Callisto

Let’s move onto the Miele S5281 Callisto vacuum cleaner. This really is a wonderful piece of equipment and where it may lack in “looks” compared to the Dyson and Gtech it certainly makes up for in efficiency and ease of use.

The Miele is powered with a German insipired 1200-watt vortex motor giving rise to its amazing suction ability. Miele have succeeded in striking the perfect balance between incredible power and an easy to move around lightweight frame.

Its light weight means it’s not only extremely portable but also highly maneuverable. Other perks include a brilliant HEPA filtering system which makes it user-friendly for asthma and allergy sufferers.

Overall, most owners who have shared their vacuum cleaner reviews referred to Miele S5281 as a complete and efficient piece of equipment which is guaranteed to please its suitors.

Shark Navigator NV22L

Next we have the stylish and innovative Shark Navigator NV22L. Now if you are looking for value for money and are on a budget this is definitely the one for you.

The Shark Navigator NV22L has powerful suction along with agile maneuverability and a lightweight frame.

It is a very reliable and durable vacuum cleaner comes with a host of useful accessories and features.

Do Your Vacuum Cleaner Reviews Carefully Before Making Your Investment

So there you have it our vacuum cleaner reviews for 2014. It is important to remember that each individual will have different uses for their vacuum. So, shopping around and doing your vacuum cleaner reviews is vital.

Do not just go with the crowd or be fooled by the most expensive price vacuum cleaner.

Remember a high price doesn’t always necessarily mean high quality. If you have done your homework right, some of the best vacuum cleaners are available for a reasonable price.

Image credit JD Hancock

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