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A Brief Lookback at Black & Decker Vacuum Reviews

The Black and Decker name has a good reputation as a manufacturer of power tools. Since 1910, the company has produced quality products.

In only six years after starting to work together, Duncan Black and Alonzo Becker got a patent for the first portable power tool ever invented.

Applying mechanical and electrical knowledge gained over the years, the company has redesigned a previous model of its Dustbuster. The Black & Decker CHV1510 15.6-Volt Cyclonic Action Cordless Dustbuster is an improved version of a favorite tool that now competes for your attention as the best handheld vacuum cleaner.

Is Black & Decker CHV-1510 Dustbuster an Effective Dust Remover?

Features Examination

A unit that works efficiently in tight spaces is an important feature to consider when you conduct a thorough Black & Decker vacuum cleaner review.

Improvements in engineering design allow the rotating nozzle to use its 15.6 volts of power to pick up dirt and debris. Along with perfecting the nozzle rotation, engineers also gave the machine 50 percent more reach.

The wide mouth and cyclonic action require less effort on your part to bend as much as usual when you vacuum your car.

The suction in the unit has up to 70 percent more power than the original model. In many Black & Decker vacuum reviews, owners share easy it was for them to scoop up a large amount of dirt with not much difficulty at all.

Having the ability to complete a vacuuming job in one effort is a convenience that is worth considering.

Pet food clean up made easy with Black & Decker CHV1510Easy storage with Black & Decker Cyclonic Action Cordless vacuum

3-Stage Filtration System

Breathing dust particles is a potential health hazard that you want to avoid, especially if you have respiratory problems. A three stage filtration system spins dust away from the filter so that the power in the unit remains consistently strong.

Air that comes out of the exhaust is cleaner as a result, and clogging is kept to a minimum. The filter is removable, and washing it after each use aids performance when you need to use your vacuum.

Convenience Design

The translucent dust bowl is easily removable, a feature that helps you maintain the unit in good working order. A clear view of the contents lets you know when the bowl is full, and emptying them reduces the weight of a tool that weighs a little more than five pounds.

A convenience that prevents the loss of attachments is a design that puts the tools on board the vacuum. The unit comes with a built in brush and a crevice tool that eliminate the need to swap parts, and you cannot lose them. In your search for the best handheld vacuum cleaner, convenience features like these can make a difference.

Cleaning tight spaces with Black & Decker CHV1510 Cordless vacuum cleanerCar seat cleaning with Black & Decker Cyclonic Action Cordless Dustbuster

Charging and Storing

You can store the unit vertically, horizontally or mount it on a wall. But one limitation that is often highlighted in a number of Black & Decker vacuum reviews is the absence of a charging cradle.

As a potentially inconvenient aspect of owning the Dustbuster, it is one that you can minimize by managing the way that you charge your machine.

The unit seems to accept a charge better when its energy supply is almost completely exhausted, and frequent charging may reduce its ability to accept a full charge.

As you conduct your Black & Decker vacuum reviews, you get to balance the value of features that you like a lot against those that you like a little or not at all.

The lack of a charging cradle is compensated for to some degree by a charging indicator that lets you know that the unit is getting power.

An occasional overnight charge is usually sufficient to keep your unit functioning properly. The charging system has an Energy Star rating that indicates its potential for saving energy.

In Conclusion

If you’ve been looking for the best cordless vacuum, this review should have given you a better idea on what you can expect of Black and Decker CHV-1510 cyclonic action cordless dustbuster.

Its dust filtration system and bowl design are worthy highlights of this cordless vacuum. If you’ve been a Black & Decker fan and looking for a cordless vacuum, I don’t see strong enough reason not to stick with brand you’ve always been loyal to.

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