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Dyson-branded equipment is typically characterized by the blending of innovative engineering practices and attractive designs, creations that conclude in the production of electrical appliances that are adored by millions.

Although iconic in stature, these products tend to arrive in the store with high price tags.

In proving that this tag is well-deserved on the Dyson DC50 compact upright vacuum cleaner, let’s hit the ON switch and see if this shapely appliance deserves plaudits or condemnation.

Why is Dyson DC50 Animal Compact Upright Vacuum Winning Praises from Pet Owners?

Superior Construction

First of all, it’s hard to ignore the double tier construction on the physical assembly that enshrouds the upper section of this vacuum cleaner.

The purple plastic impresses with a shape that resembles the intake manifold of a jet engine.

This is where the innovative radial cyclone is generated.

The man-made windstorm is delivered from here to a transparent chamber, at which point the vortex sucks in microscopic dirt and tangles of hair.

The leading edge of this attack on dirt takes place 8.5-ft down the long hose.

A busy head hugs carpets and hardwood floors with equal efficiency, employing counter-rotating brushes to free stubborn muck.

Light but Feels Solid

It’s a remarkably lightweight arrangement of high-quality parts, one capable of topping the best upright vacuum cleaner category, but there’s one issue that caught my attention, the impression that the overall build feels flimsy.

Designers will likely contest my observation by saying this plastic-y feel helps reduce weight to an impressive 11.6-lbs, but it’s still worth noting that hinges and catches feel as if they could fail over time.

Putting this niggling issue aside, the Dyson DC50 positively exudes power, never missing a retreating dust-ball, and the transparent chamber demonstrates a bag-less design that champions hygiene, a design that could end replaceable vacuum cleaner bags.

Side view of Dyson DC50 Animal upright vacuum cleanerConvenient storage of Dyson DC50 animal compact vacuum

Modern Beauty

The sleek, modern looks of the Dyson DC50 create a first impression of purple accents and svelte plastic mechanics, a signature look for a vacuum cleaner reviews.

It’s thought that the appliance is the child of an earlier model, a proven vacuum cleaner that perhaps lacked in portability.

Having translated the best parts of this model into a reduced frame without sacrificing any of the brand’s aptitude for impressive performance, the gap between hefty price and demonstrated ability narrows appreciably.

The ball steering supports this claim by taking on dual duty, by wrapping the electronics that regulate the cyclonic action in a globe of smoothly rotating plastic while steering the upright vacuum cleaner around chairs and under low tables with a unique pivoting movement that’s kind to stiff backs and generous to aged bones.

Picture on how to clean Dyson DC50 vacuum cleanerPicture showing how to clean ceiling with Dyson DC50 animal vacuum

Packed with the Best

Moving away from the vortex engine at the core of the appliance, my attention turned to the cleaning head.

Dyson hasn’t skimped on the technology stuffed into the attacking edge of the design.

The head comes equipped with parts that target versatility and adaptability, the seamless switching of suction from one type of floor to the next.

A contender for best upright vacuum cleaner on the consumer market should always embrace this ethic, the easy push and pull of an upright form on coarse or smooth surfaces, and the DC50 Animal Compact Upright Vacuum Cleaner does exactly this, employing a tangle-free brush bar and a tight seal to maximize the vortex taking place in the chamber above.

Any Dyson vacuum cleaner review worthy of attention would be incomplete without mentioning accessories.

The Dyson DC50 comes with several easy to attach tools, completing a well-rounded package that delivers superior suction.

I’d hazard an opinion that the Dyson DC50 Animal Compact Upright Vacuum Cleaner is worth its price, but look for seasonal rebates and special deals that make the appliance truly worthy.