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Consumers are always on the lookout for the next best upright vacuum cleaner.

Technology has improved so much from the days of dragging heavy equipment up and down stairs.

The Hoover Platinum Collection upright vacuum offers a sleek look that consumers appreciate the moment they see the unit.

With an included portable vacuum, this model appears unstoppable in the sales category.

However, you must weigh all the features through a vacuum cleaner review to make an educated purchase.

A Careful Take on Hoover Platinum Collection

Defensive Action

One of the biggest issues during vacuuming is accidentally sucking in something that is too large for the unit.

Hoover offers an automatic defense mechanism in their upright vacuum for this purpose.

When it senses an extra load on the motor, it shuts down the machine. You can remove the object safely and continue on with vacuuming.

This feature isn’t just handy for owners, but also protects the motor from overheating.

Reduced stress on the motor adds to its longevity in the home.

HEPA Bag Pros and Cons

Many of today’s upright vacuums don’t have bags at all, allowing owners to simply empty a canister and move on to other chores without any replacement bag purchases.

This vacuum does require HEPA bags so you must add this into the appliance’s overall cost over the years.

However, these bags do have their benefits.

They trap nearly all allergens, making it a perfect addition to a home with allergy sufferers.

When the bag is removed, it has a sealed construction to keep those allergens locked away permanently.

Side image of Hoover platinum collection vacuum cleanerPicture of coil winding with Hoover Platinum collection lightweight bagged upright vacuum

Included Canister a Bonus

Most vacuum cleaners don’t come with significant accessories so Hoover’s canister is definitely a positive aspect to this purchase.

Consumers can carry the canister upstairs or use it in hard-to-reach areas.

It has a long power cord for flexible cleaning.

However, some consumers report concerns about the canister being very loud for its size.

Take this factor into consideration when deciding on a unit.

If a normal vacuum sound is expected out of both the canister and upright, the volume issue may not be a problem.

Varying Opinions on Power

Although the automatic shutoff feature is a perk, consumers have varying thoughts on the suction power.

This upright boasts a 12 amp motor with powerful suction for those large carpeted areas.

However, it’s not well-suited for throw rugs and other lightweight items.

The upright conforms to the floor’s height, such as hardwood or carpet, but may have too much power for some users to push comfortably across the room.

Detailed view of Hoover platinum collection lightweight vacuum cleanerPicture of the different vacuum head for Hoover Platinum Collection Lightweight Bagged Upright with Canister

Be Aware of Berber

Although this Hoover is advertised for all floor types, some consumers warn about Berber carpet use.

Torn loops and frayed tips were seen on some carpets, telling owners that the brush and suction were just too much for the floor.

Although this may be an isolated incident, evaluate your carpet’s age and type before purchasing this model.

It may not be suited for every home or floor type.

Each vacuum cleaner review touts both the positive and negative aspects of a model.

Take a look at a Hoover display model to make your own decision before purchase.

Some features that bother other people may not matter significantly to you.

The best upright vacuum cleaner may be the one you use for a decade or more with the right care.