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When one is considering a vacuum cleaner purchase, one of the brands that is high on the candidate list is Shark. One thing that sets Shark vacuum cleaners apart from their peers is the way they are being marketed.

For the past few decades, the brand has been building its reputation as leading vacuum cleaner maker mainly by relying more on the “word of mouth” marketing than anything else.

In laymen terms, it simply means that Shark vacuum reviews are being passed down from one real user (who had bought a Shark vacuum cleaner) to the next.

The latest and highly sought after model is Shark Navigator Professional Lift-Away vacuum cleaner – Model NV356E. Let’s jump straight and see what are the praises and letdowns that are common in many of the Shark navigator lift-away reviews.

Shark Navigator Professional Lift-Away NV356E: The Good

If you have hard flooring at home, you know the dire consequences for wrong selection of vacuum cleaners. Most of us have been guilty at least once, for scratching the hard wood flooring. The design team at Shark probably understands this well and that is why most Shark vacuums are designed to work on hard floors. As if that alone is not good enough, the NV356E includes an additional micro-fiber pad.

Purpose of Micro-Fiber Pad

Any vacuum cleaner user knows that strong suction power alone is good enough to pick up most particles that are visible to the eyes but not when it comes to finer debris. This is exactly the reason why after vacuuming, some people who have low tolerance level against dust would still need to mop the floor with wet cloth. You probably need little explanation to relate how painful it is if you have to vacuum and mop every time.

The simple mechanism to attach the micro-fiber pad to the NV356E is a small innovation that is highly appreciated, as reflected in most Shark vacuum reviews that you can find. The official marketing tagline probably says it all: “It will leave your bare floors so clean, your white socks will stay white and you’ll never want to use a broom or dry mop again”.

Lift-Away Canister Designed for Maximum Portability

The Shark NV356E features a clever design that allows you to detach the cleaning head and vacuum motor from the main canister. It has long cleaning host and special attachment. The lift-away detachable design is designed to allow the cleaning of hard to reach areas such as the ceilings and tight spaces that are common in many parts of the house, even in the living room.

Easy Manouverability

Shark vacuum reviews also show that customers love the swivel steering available with the Shark Lift-Away vacuum. The lightweight machine is steered with a twist of the wrist to easily go in a curved path for cleaning around furniture and other fixtures.

Effective Pet Cleaning

Users report that this vacuum cleaner is very effective at pulling up dog hair. Even long hair from certain breeds does not pose a problem for this machine. While other machines bog down when picking up pet hair, this one pulls them neatly into the bin for easy disposal.

Bagless Convenience

People love how easy the bin is to empty after use. There are no bags to buy, and the special filter captures dirt to keep it out of the air. The bins are sturdy and very easy to use. The filters are even washable, so they are easily rinsed out when they become cloaked with allergens and dust.

Shark Navigator Professional Lift-Away NV356E: The Bad

One downfall of the Shark is that it is top heavy, and that makes it easy to knock over. When storing the machine, care should be taken to store it safely against a wall or in a closet where it is less likely to be knocked over. When using the hose, consumers are encouraged to carry the base along with them to avoid accidentally pulling it over.

Another common complaint with the Shark is that it lacks onboard storage. There is space on the side to store two small tools, but they are easily knocked off and then lost. A better solution may be to keep the accessories in a decorative basket in the cleaning closet and retrieve them when needed.

The Verdict

You can spend hours to go through each of the Shark vacuum cleaner reviews that you can find. You can always find users who vouch for their Shark Navigator Lift-Away Pro NV356E and there are those who swear by it because of their bad experiences.

This is inevitable as with every electronic products. Ask yourself a simple question. Being a brand that relies on consumer reviews to power up its reputation, what do you think is the proportion of good versus bad encounters with the brand?

I think you pretty much figure out what the answer is. If you are looking for a dry vacuum cleaner that will the job once and for all, the NV356E could be your answer.

But in the end, you have to ask yourself if Shark NV356E meets all your requirement checklist because specific needs vary between individuals. If you are still unsure if this Shark vacuum is the right one for you, do check out Hoover Floormate Spinscrub and Oreck Magnesium RS as they appear to be popular alternatives among many vacuum seekers.